Mountain Lane Farm, Wauzeka, WI, is nestled in the hills of Crawford County. Our Angus cattle graze 80 acres of rolling pasture in the same way they did when my father purchased the farm back in 1964. This provides our grass-fed cattle with a simple diet of sunshine, legumes, grasses and water. While a simple approach, we believe this is best for the animal and ultimately in producing the best beef.
As we are a minute operation, we do not possess the means of rendering our product on site. Our philosophy is that when you buy from Mountain Lane Farm, you choose the animal and witness firsthand where it was raised. You have an opportunity to voice how you would like the beef prepared. We have tremendous rendering professionals at Premier Meats, Inc. Viroqua, who can customize your order. If you wish we can even bring your order right to your door. We value you not only as a customer, but a new friend before, during and after the sale.
As a small operation, we don't have all the amenities of other operations. What we have is a food source that has been raised naturally by good folks who are concerned more about you than your sale. Give us a call, get directions and come see Mountain Lane Farm. The cattle will continue to graze, but friendships are precious. Make friends at Mountain Lane Farm.

About Products & Animals

At Mountain Lane Farm, we are consumed about making your purchase from us an enriching one that benefits you on many levels.
Our beef is better for you because in large part it comes from a holistically healthier animal. The adage we are what we eat is directly related to the animals and plants our food comes from. Our beef are afforded a diet that is strictly forage based. This is what Mother Nature intended as the cow's diet and the results are astounding. As proof, several years ago we participated in the voluntary Wisconsin Johne's Disease Testing Program. Mountain Lane Farm was the ONLY Wisconsin Beef Operation to test for Johne's (pronounced Yoh-nees) disease, a dehabilitating digestive disorder that has been linked to robbing operations of up to 40% of their herds. We didn't test because we had problems, but to create an air of transparency that separates us from other producers. In the four years we participated in the program, we had NO positive cases. Diet is but one component of health. Environment is another factor and here at Mountain Lane Farm we have addressed that as well.
In order to provide the most humane experience, Mountain Lane Farm worked with Animal Welfare Approved. An arm of the Animal Welfare Institute, Animal Welfare Approved provides volunteer producers the opportunity to earn certification by adhering to the highest protocols, comparable to, or exceeding national organic standards. In essence, from conception to rendering, animals at Mountain Lane Farm are treated with the highest degree of care. The Animal Welfare Approved label is proof that each animal is itself a work of art.
All that is fine but if you can't provide the little things, all is lost. At Mountain Lane Farm, we provide home delivery, flexible payment plans and free farm visits. At the end of the day though, it's the relationships we make. We want your experience with us to be one that changes the way you think of food and of farming.
Joshua, Jacob, Nathaniel, Zachary, Gabriel, Sharon and Tom are consumed by your satisfaction. Whether it is guaranteeing that diet is totally forage based or that each animal is tended to using the most humane technique available, or even listening to you, at Mountain Lane Farm, it's all about creating art.

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